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Post Cycle Treatment - Restoring Body Function After the Utilizatio...
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Publish-date-icon September 20, 2012
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The proliferation within the utilization of prohormones within the bodybuilding world means trainees are able to acquire levels of muscularity and strength, previously out of the reach of numerous. Supplements for example Havoc, Epistane, M-drol, and H-drol, have allowed even those with relatively deficient training and nutritional programs to make rapid gains. However, there has not been a concomitant understanding of the requirement to restore a homeostatic environment in your body, so that while many make rapid progress while using prohormones, many users experience a crash familiar to steroid users who use powerful ergogenics with no ancillary products required to protect their gains.

What goes on whenever you have a prohormones?

Without going into too much detail, prohormone use will cause your body to recognise that an exogenous substance continues to be introduced in to the body. With this substance being an androgenic hormone, a procedure called negative feedback happens whereby the body will reduce its very own manufacture of testosterone, the naturally occurring androgen produced in your body. This really is to counteract the influence from the exogenous hormone that's been introduced.

As the user is on his prohormones cycle he'll not be too alarmed in most cases through the fall in his own natural testosterone levels because he takes a substance that is working via similar mechanisms, to provide many of the anabolic functions of testosterone for example increased muscle tissue and strength. Androgenic functions of testosterone, associated with characteristics we consider as being related to males for example aggression, and sex drive, may either be magnified by the use of prohormones, if the substance taken has these characteristics, or else, stay stable or possibly even fall. It is extremely common for substances which are very "dry", that is, lower estrogen in the body, to result in a reduction in sex drive whereas those compounds which allow for many estrogen formation, tend to increase the prevalence of androgenic traits such as sex drive, and aggression.

Whether or not the consumer takes something which increases androgenic characteristics or otherwise, ALL users of prohormones expects to improve muscle tissue through the anabolic characteristics of these compounds.

So, right at the end of the 4-6 cycle exactly what do we've?

A person may have gained considerable muscle and strength via the anabolic actions of those products while his male traits such as sex drive, and aggression may have varied with respect to the nature of the supplement taken. Generally, the consumer will have congratulated himself that he has been doing perfectly in the cycle, assuming adequate nutrition and training. So what happens next?


Ending a Prohormone cycle

This is where quite a few users come unstuck. Inexperienced trainees often operate a cycle of the powerful supplement like Epistane or Havoc, that will cause a great rise in muscle tissue and strength, although not take into account what happens next....

When the cycle ends it may seem your body will carry on like it was before you took the hormonal product. You may also be delusional enough to think the gains made while "on" were all down to you, however, you could be very wrong indeed.

After a cycle is discontinued, the exogenous substance (the prohormones used) rapidly leave the body, usually in 24-48 hrs at most. At this point, you can no more rely on them for either anabolic or androgenic effects. So this is where your body's own testosterone production picks up the slack right?

Wrong. Remember, during a cycle your body will gradually turn off manufacture of its testosterone to try to maintain what it really considers an ordinary hormonal milieu. The stronger the prohormone taken and also the longer you remained on, the greater the degree to which normal testosterone levels will have been shut down. Then when you appear the cycle your testosterone levels are extremely low. At the same time, estrogen levels tend to increase in response to low testosterone, so post cycle you are not in a very favourable place for muscle building and strength. Instead you are in a position to get rid of size, strength, gain fat, and, horror of horrors, if you do not take steps to counteract it, the estrogen may even cause you to gain moobs!!

That's not all either. Throughout a cycle, levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol are reduced, but when the cycle ends, levels of cortisol slowly rise, usually after about a week or so. This cortisol rise will cause you to lose muscle and strength quickly, as well as cause you to gain bodyfat.

Clearly then, our novice user who didn't consider an amount happen once he ended his cycle is within a very bad position of having low testosterone, high estrogen, and cortisol levels. This really is a spot you definitely don't want to maintain for very long, but without the use of ancillary supplements it is something that your body is only going to recover very slowly, at which point you may have lost all your gains from your prohormone cycle. What can we do to accelerate recovery then?

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